drop the gun, follow my voice. i'm emily.
horses, music, boys.
seventeen years here.
waiting for november 11, 2012.
southern california is where i sleep.

"girls can't be straightedge." - Paul.

This blog is a compilation of depressing things, funny things, & people I find attractive. Enjoy.

I’m gonna delete this & make a new one. When I do it, I’ll post the link if anyone wants it. (:

I’m going to prom with the goofiest guy ever… ❤

Mitchell & I being hipsters. (:

Anonymous said:
Yeah see the thing is I've already saved all of your photos, and drug references you have made. I'm pretty sure your parents would be shocked to see your tumblr.

& you see, the thing is, my parents know who I am. & what I’m like. I don’t appreciate you trying to black mail me or whatever. If my parents saw my tumblr I would just explain to them that that’s not me anymore. God has changed my whole life & any drugs I have done have been to try to satisfy my issues that God has now satisfied. If you have an issue with me, please say it to me directly, not anonymously through tumblr.

Anonymous said:
do your parents have any idea of how you act?!?

How I act? What do you mean? I think I act pretty nicely…



When I see lines of drugs / people snorting or even think about it, it makes my stomach turn & my nose burn…

once i snorted a shitload of oxy and i went to heavn the only thing that burns is your soul in hell if yu dont snort oxy

I’m sorry, but I really wish people wouldn’t reblog my stuff & say that if you don’t snort a certain drug you’re going to burn in hell. WHAT THE HECK.



my boyfriend asking me to prom during dance practice…. ;)

she’s SO adorable… and the only girl I’d ever think of doing this for. <3 :)))

killme. Grant & Krystal are so cute. :3

getting over someone you thought you never could is the BEST feeling in the world. :)


what’s it like to die alone?

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